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AARP Blog – Reverse Mortgages Now Harder to Get – Reverse Mortgages Now Harder to Get. Reverse mortgages are for homeowners 62 and older who have a significant amount of equity built up in their house. They can borrow against that equity – taking the cash in a lump sum, as a monthly income stream or a line of credit they can tap when needed.

Resource Guide to Reverse Mortgages – California Advocates for. – A Reverse Mortgage is a type of loan for homeowners 62 years of age or. Consumer Fact Sheet – Reverse Mortgages: Get the Facts Before Cashing in. AARP (

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What Are the Risks of Taking a Reverse Mortgage Too Early? – 10 things you should know about reverse mortgages. read; A reverse mortgage for less? Read; Join AARP today – Receive access to exclusive information, benefits and discounts.

Home Owner Education – Reverse Freedom – We're committed to Your Education about Reverse Mortgages. As a trusted source for lifestyle tips, news, information and education, AARP advocates for.

Reverse Mortgages Fact Sheet: Reverse Mortgage. – AARP – You can save on auto insurance by taking the AARP Smart Driver course. Use code 25OFF to save 25% now!

HUD Says No Relief for Reverse Mortgage Non-Borrowing Spouses in AARP Case – “Instead, the Bennett and joseph reverse mortgages provide for foreclosure upon the death of the last borrower, an event which has now occurred in both cases.” While AARP Litigation Foundation..

Why This AARP Columnist Changed Her Mind on Reverse Mortgages. – Reverse Mortgage Daily (RMD) is the leading source for news and information covering the reverse mortgage industry. rmd is part of the Aging Media Network.

Reverse mortgage rule threatens widow with foreclosure; AARP files challenge – HUD’s reverse mortgage program. Wilson says that whatever the facts, Fannie Mae is “sympathetic” toward Ogle’s plight and will seek to delay any post-foreclosure eviction. Jean Constantine-Davis,

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What Is a Reverse Mortgage? – AARP – The aarp foundation publication Reverse Mortgage Loans: Borrowing Against Your Home is an an easy-to-understand guide for older adults who are considering such a mortgage refinance for their home (PDF).

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Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons - Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You? PDF Reverse Mortgage Loans Borrowing Against Your Home – AARP – AARP does not endorse any reverse mortgage lender or product, but wants you to have the information you need to make an informed decision about these loans and other, less costly, alternatives. AARP prohibits any company or individual from inserting a name or attaching any materials to this publication.