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B3-4.3-05: Gifts of Equity (11/13/2012) – Fannie Mae | Home – Gift of Equity. A "gift of equity" refers to a gift provided by the seller of a property to the buyer. The gift represents a portion of the seller’s equity in the property, and is transferred to the buyer as a credit in the transaction. A gift of equity is permitted for principal residence and second home purchase transactions.

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The contract is at the full purchase price agreed, with an addendum that would reference the gift of equity, and you would have them sign a gift letter as well. You can use your money for closing costs, or have a seller’s concession written in to the contract for the amount of closing costs, and use the rest of the 5% to lower your loan amount.

PDF Mediation of Disputes. Venue. Binding Upon Heirs, Assigns. – may be higher than the purchase price set forth herein. Seller hereby expressly waives any and all claim to any potential or actual income, profits, or other sums in excess of the above-cited purchase price, which may be realized by Buyer or others as a result of any transaction involving the property. seller acknowledges that the purchase price

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 · A gift of equity is a little known option which allows equity in a family member’s house to be used as the buyer’s down payment.

How to Give Equity as a Gift | Pocketsense – Giving a gift of equity is a good way to help a family member afford a home. To give a gift of equity, you sell a family member your home for the appraised value. They obtain as much financing as they can and you give them the remainder of the purchase price as a gift.

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