how does rent to buy work

Rent is a fee you pay in exchange for the use of someone’s property. Apartment rent gives you the right to occupy a residential apartment and the terms of your occupancy are described in the lease. Some of the things a lease covers are the amount of rent, when it’s due and fees or penalties for late payment as well as any tenant restrictions.

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Buyer Advantages. The buyer in a rent-to-own situation can freeze the price on the home a year or two in advance of when he must close on the mortgage loan. In the contract, he can list payments that will be contributed toward a down payment or toward the sale price. He can move in and try out the neighborhood and the school system prior to buying.

A rent-to-own home is a house you can buy through a rent-to-own agreement. With this type of contract, you agree to rent a property for a specific time period before gaining ownership. The time period can range from several months to several years, depending on the specifics of the contract.

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 · One is the Rent-to-own, which means that the renter will be primarily a renter, with an option to purchase the property at the end of a stated period, at a.

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There is an alternative, however: a rent-to-own agreement, in which you rent a home for a certain amount of time, with the option to buy it before the lease expires. Rent-to-own agreements consist.

Don’t worry-a lease with an option to buy might be perfect for you. With this arrangement, you pay rent and have the option to buy the property after a few years. Some of the rent you pay will go to your down payment, and as a bonus you’ll have time to clean up your credit before seeking a mortgage.

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