what does assumable mortgage mean

Assumable Loan Process When initiating an assumable loan, the new. CRE Assumable Loan | Commercial Real Estate Terms – Assumable Loan. In addition, the lender holding the current loan, would have to approve of the person or entity assuming the mortgage.

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To assume a mortgage, start by contacting the lender to make sure the mortgage is assumable, since many lenders prohibit buyers from taking over an existing mortgage. If the mortgage is assumable, you’ll have to complete an application with information such as your income and the value of your assets.

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Does that mean you’ll sell it overnight. But it also means that your mortgage must be assumable by someone else. You’ll need to read your mortgage docs to figure this out. But if it is assumable,

What does assumable mean? – Definitions.net – What does assumable mean? Definitions for assumable assumable Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word assumable. Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: assumable (Adjective) Of or pertaining to assumption. How Your Income And Contributions Affect Your Housing Loan.

Assumable Loan. A mortgage that the borrower may transfer to another party. That is, upon the sale of real estate with an assumable loan, the seller (who is the borrower) lets the buyer take over the mortgage, which allows him/her to buy the real estate with the same as the original loan. Most VA and FHA loans are assumable.

Assumable loans offer buyers two distinct advantages: In the event that the loan rate has risen since the seller originally purchased the home, the assumable loan will potentially convey a substantially lower interest rate than a brand new mortgage, this also negates many fees.

A very popular feature that banks/mortgage companies used to draw in customers in 70’s and 80’s when interest rates were 14% to 18% You could let someone take over your mortgage with stated income, some assumable/assignable mortgages were nonquali.

The way I see it is if Obama wins, that we potentially see more policy meddling, and there could be the point at some time where you actually see assumability in mortgages. There was a time in the.